The recipe swap

The recipe swap is a medium publication with recipes, stories and interviews that I started writing during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Using the postcrossing network, I asked people from all over the world to send me recipes so that I could fill my home with the delicious food I missed so much when we could travel. Within in a
couple of weeks I was shocked by the amount of recipes I was receiving. Some of my favorites include Ukrainian baked apples, Japanese hiyashi chuka, Czech svíčková na smetaně, Russian borsht and Chinese steamed fish with tomatoes and ginger.

Then because restaurants were closed and everyone was working from home, I asked food entrepreneurs if they could send me their tips and tricks on how they make delicious family meals at home. I spoke with people like Masterchef Finalist Dinesh Patel, recipe writer Cathy Gayner, The Great British Bakeoff Winner Frances Quinn and professional fermenter Alexander Benavidez.

Now that lockdowns have hopefully ended, and fingers crossed no more home schooling, I’ve started working a little bit more. I’m still maintaining The recipe swap, albeit not to the degree I once was, but it will always have such a soft spot in my heart, that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up.

I hope you are inspired by these recipes, interviews and stories as much as I am.